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A Turd Blossoms in the Spring

God willing, this man will be someone's bitch soon.Here we go again. As Karl Rove left his three-and-a-half-hour grilling by the Grand Jury, the rumor mill cranked into high gear. Given that this is Rove's fifth appearance in front of the jurors, that his status in official court documents in the Libby case is now as a "subject" and not just a "witness," his recent shifting role in the White House, and now reports that he is more worried now than ever that he'll be indicted, things are looking tough for Turd Blossom. Some reports cite the fact that Fitzgerald and the Grand Jury meeting later as an indication that an indictment could come as soon as today. You can bet we'll be glued to the action.


It's looking less likely that we'll have an announcement from the Grand Jury today. Salon's War Room is saying the Fitzgerald has returned to Chicago. The New York Times is saying that it could be two or three more weeks before Fitz even makes a decision.

Lawyers in the case said Mr. Fitzgerald would spend the coming days reviewing the transcript of Mr. Rove's three hours of testimony on Wednesday and weigh it against his previous statements to the grand jury as well as the testimony of others, including a sworn statement that Mr. Rove's lawyer gave to the prosecutor earlier this year.

Stay tuned...

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