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Boobs: Gubernatorial candidate has them

Loretta-Nall.jpgLibertarian Loretta Nall's breasts are causing quite an uproar in Alabama. Creepy old journos are freaking out!

In 55 years of political writing, that was a first for me—a picture in my column of a woman displaying cleavage. I can only hope that my mother...and I know for a fact where she ended in the after life...didn't see that column. She wouldn't have approved of that picture.

Good god, old man. Pull yourself together. Do you realize that even your dearly departed mother had boobs?

And are you expecting us to believe that in 55 years of covering politics in Alabama, Nall's cleavage is the most shocking thing you've come across? (Pardon the vulgar pun.) I mean, come on, are you telling me that nasty old monster George Wallace didn't expose you to more perversion than just a little cleavage? Please.

Visit Nall's website. If everybody sends her a dollar, she'll legalize cleavage, marijuana and other fun activities.

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