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Bush and GOP Competing for Limbo Championship

It might seem like Groundhog Day when every week we see headlines proclaiming Bush's poll numbers "lowest ever," but one has to ask how low can he really go? MSNBC's latest polls break it down.


Just 36 percent of the public approves of Bush's job performance, his lowest-ever rating in AP-Ipsos polling.

Only 40 percent of the public approves of Bush's performance on foreign policy and the war on terror, another low-water mark for his presidency.

Just 35 percent of the public approves of Bush's handling of Iraq, his lowest in AP-Ipsos polling.

Seems he's going for the doubles trophy with the Republican led congress getting down to their lowest too.

30 percent of the public approves of the GOP-led Congress' job performance.

By a 49-33 margin, the public favors Democrats over Republicans.

So it seems Dems have a lock in the '06 mid-terms, eh? Think again. The Republicans will use every tool in the old box to keep control of congress. Thanks to Tom DeLay's legacy, Dems have few good shots at open seats. Consider it an advantage to being in the seat of power.

"One of those advantages is a political map that is gerrymandered to put House incumbents in relatively safe districts, meaning Democrats have relatively few opportunities to pick up the 15 seats they need to gain control."

This article also telegraphs the GOPs early attempt to tilt expectations. Now, anything less than the Dems completely wiping the floor in '06 can be claimed as a victory for Republicans.

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