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Corruption All Stars - Illinois Governor Guilty

Ryan getting his first bitter taste of justice.
The Culture of Corruption just added a a new All Star. Former Illinois Governor George Ryan was convicted today on all 22 counts of racketeering and fraud. The 72 year old Republican faces up to 20 years in prison on the most serious charge. He, of course, has vowed to appeal.

You might remember Ryan as the Governor who commuted every single death row conviction to life in prison after Illinois found 13 men wrongly sentenced to death. At the time, he was hailed by anti-death penalty folks for his bravery. I said then, as I say now, that he was looking for a bigger bang to outshine his legacy as a con man. But when his political obit is written, the commutation will be but a footnote. In the end, George Ryan was a crook and now he's getting ready to meet the Man.

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