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Cynthia McKinney is a Fool

Batshit Crazy
It's simple, really. The Republicans have done such a poor job of governing the country that the Dems should be able to clean up without even trying. They just need to keep their noses clean and hammer away at the GOP's incompetence. The former might be easier said than done for one nutty representative.


This fall presents the Democrats with their first real shot at taking back one of the congressional houses (if not both) in a decade—that is, if they don't screw it up. And it seems everyone's favorite primadonna is at it again, this time putting a smackdown on our free press.

Not satisfied with smacking a Capitol Hill cop and getting charged in the process, resident nutcase and Georgia Democratic US Rep. Cynthia McKinney is at it again. This time Her Royal Highness is caught calling an aide a fool on tape. But that's nothing. I'm sure many politicians have fools in their employ and calling them such is no biggie. What's galling about this episode is once she realizes she's been recorded slamming one of her own staffers, she tries to tell the media they can't use the tape. That's right, she's telling the news media what they can and can't report.

Can we please send Cynthia McKinney on a "fact finding mission" until after the midterms? Seriously, we need to get her out of the country before she fucks everything all up.

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Rep. McKinney.... It's really very simple, but you didn't figure it out the first time, so let me lay it out for you:

If you do something stupid... Take a breath... *Think* about it for a second... And decide if there's something you can do to make amends or otherwise correct your error. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT knee-jerk react into doing the WORST POSSIBLE thing as an encore.

"Worst possible" things include, but are not limited to, accusing people whose job it is to protect you and trying to censor the press. Especially if you're doing it in the "on the record" chair.

Seriously though - that's as funny as it is sad.

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