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Flirting With Disaster

rumsfeld.jpgI don't know about you, but my fantasies usually involve Scarlett Johansen, a bottle of Chivas, and 13 pounds of dark, delicious pudding. Rummy? He's a little kinkier. This old boy seems to get his rocks off with dreams of a Persian wasteland.

In a recent article, the Secretary of Defense said that he wouldn't "engage in 'fantasy land' speculation about a possible U.S. attack on Iran."

C'mon, Rummy. Don't be coy with us now. You were so dirty when talking about the rose pedal parades we'd get in Iraq and the shower of kisses our boys would bask in when we finally put the hurt on Saddam. Sure, it hasn't turned out the way you'd planned, but what fantasy ever does?

This time, The Donald says he'd, "rather wait and see what our experts say about it." Oh shit, let's hope it's not the same "experts" who told you and Bushie WMD was a slam dunk. Those guys were clearly cock blocking you.



I've been following this whole Iran thing, going "2 more years? Do these guys really have 2 more years left?" 6 years done...and it's mighty inconvenient that there's actually a record to match with the rhetoric. And it don't look so good--most of the time.

But I suspect there's much more to this Iran thing than meets the eye. Iran is a very interesting country. Despite its mullahocracy, it's relatively liberal, non-Arab, and has a large modern population with fierce pride in its history that is not happy with its rulers.

Now, if you want to invade Grenada, or a nation with a decimated army and no air force, get the Republicans--they'll do it. Iran is not toothless, though, so I highly doubt Rummy's Raiders want to whack this particular hornet nest (subsequently, of course, running away--"The hornets have disappointingly failed to build a new hive.")

I say this with some grudging respect for the "Bush" realpolitik. I wouldn't have done so, but I've always said invading Iraq was not the worst idea I've ever heard. Not the best--but not the worst, either.

I imagine they're trying to create internal pressure in Iran, which is not bad. I don't think the international community is wild about Iranian nukes. What Bush needs is to show that Iraq can govern itself, that Shias can be in control without an explicit theocracy.

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