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Fooled Again – Conservatives in America

In another interesting Slate article, Bruce Reed takes a look at "Who Lost Conservatism." The verdict? A President and Congress who veered too far from the principles of the ideology.

"Republicans around the country have good reason to feel betrayed. A decade ago, they thought they were getting a Contract with America, not an endless series of contracts with K Street. In 2000, they didn't know that when Bush talked about integrity and responsibility, he meant to play a 'somewhat passive role.'"

Indeed. I can only imagine how traditional conservatives feel about their party's new-found penchant for nation building, the incredible expansion of the federal government, and head spinning deficit spending. Seems like the Cult of Bush may be facing a reformation.



Given the fact that half of Bush's senior staff cut their teeth in the Nixon administration, it's no surprise that this ship is going down.

The truth is, though, that the conservative message plays well. Fear, hatred, intolerance, the rejection of ideological and religious pluralism always plays well.

It is the American dilema. Are we a Nation of Immigrents, a pluralistic society that prizes religious liberty and freedom of thought and expression? Or are we a Christian Nation where business trumps government and god trumps all? Are we the United States of America, or are we the Confederate States Of America?

Either way, once everyone's done blaming Bush, DeLay and Frist you'll still see the same NeoCon clods at the helm of the GOP. They'll just put out a new sign that reads "Under New Management."

Hain't you heard? "The deficit doesn't matter." Thus spake St. Ronnie and echoed by Shotgun Dick.

What conservatives are into "conserving" is still an unsolved mystery.

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