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Rove's New Role Questioned

John Podesta asks some very good questions over on Think Progress. Now that Karl Rove has given up his policy position (though retaining his title as Deputy Chief of Staff), will he lose his security clearance?

"To this day, Rove has maintained his security clearance in spite of evidence that he mishandled classified information regarding Valerie Wilson's position at the CIA. Rove was named as in the indictment of Scooter Libby as 'Official A.'"

Additionally, does it make sense for him to keep his clearance if he's going to use it for political gain?

"Given Rove's public intentions to make national security the focus of the 2006 elections, the White House should reveal whether Rove will be doing his political job while holding a security clearance."

And I gotta ask if the American taxpayers should PAY for him to smear political foes with privileged information?



RE: Additionally, does it make sense for him to keep his clearance if hes going to use it for political gain?

From the republican perspective, sure it makes sense. Rove has been dispatched to man the battle stations. The Bushies / republicans didn't come this far to lose either the House or the Senate.

Things to watch for (things that Rove is probably coordinating):

1) Air strikes in Iran, probably in August. Not because there is an impending threat, but because it would play well to the republican base. Foreign policy as election strategy.

2) If, by chance, the Democrats win either house of Congress, the Democratic majority would probably be very slim. The republicans will challenge the election results of enough Democratic victories to flip the majorities back to the republicans. These challenges will eventually find their way to the Supreme Court where the solidly republican court will deliver the contested elections to republicans. It worked in 2000 and it will work in 2006. The Democrats will sit around with their thumbs up their asses and watch it all happen. Again.

I don't wanna imagine a #3.

Oh yeah, I know why it makes sense from the Republican side. There's a reason the rest of us hate Karl Rove: He Wins. And he wins dirty.

But I'm wondering if it makes sense from a security standpoint? We all saw how he's handled classified material in the past.

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