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Spam-a-lot - Abramoff Emails Detail Shady Dealings

Would you buy a vacuum from this guy?Federal prosecutors released a gang of emails form disgraced Republican lobbyist Action Jack Abramoff and it appears he's as annoying with email requests as the son of the former Nigerian National Bank president who keeps asking if I can launder some cash for him. Once again, Mr. Mboto, the answer is NO.

Abramoff's emails to General Services Administration chief of staff David Safavian get into fine detail with the Man in Black asking for everything from free land to a used car. For his part, Safavian (who later worked in the White House) is just as shameless in his fawning and childlike attempts to impress his lobbyist friend at one point saying, "I can orchestrate an impressive meeting with your client with relative ease."

And it looks like this might be getting us all a bit closer to the Hammer himself. The timing of these emails is crucial in the investigation as they coincide with the notorious Scotland trip attended by DeLay and former Christian Coalition founder-turned-lobbyist Ralph Reed. Abramoff even tacked on a London leg of the trip to arrange a meeting with another client, the very diabolical sounding Alexander Koulakovsky, who is, according to Newsweek, "a Russian energy executive whose role in financing congressional trips for Rep. Tom Delay and a non-profit group, the U.S. Family Network, run by Delay's former chief of staff, Ed Buckham, has come under scrutiny as part of the Abramoff investigation."

You gotta love when a snake cuts a deal, no? This kind of detail into Washington backroom dealing almost never comes to the surface. It's like a movie that's writing itself and I'm casting Jason Alexander in the lead.

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