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Trailer Trash

President Bush has been caught in another lie, or "selective disclosure," if you will. Remember when those trailers were found in Iraq and Bush, desperate for evidence supporting his main rationale for war, declared that "the weapons of mass destruction have been found"? Well, we all knew it was lame at the time. I mean, a couple of dumpy trailers in the desert don't really make for a "slam dunk case," do they? Turns out that it wasn't just lame, but it was a lie.


The Washington Post (via MSNBC) is reporting that the White House presented the trailers as the fabled mobile weapons labs despite evidence to the contrary. And lest you think this is just another case of UN analysts bickering over details, think again. A blue ribbon team made up of nine US and British experts was dispatched by the Defense Intelligence Agency and was, "unequivocal in its conclusion that the trailers were not intended to manufacture biological weapons."

The team's report was finalized and sent back to Washington two days before the president made his dubious statement. The results of this report have remained classified.

And where did the story of these mythical trailer start? With the CIA's star defector, "Curveball." Do these people not understand that a curveball is a pitch that deceives the batter into thinking it's an easy hit?

UPDATE: Oh shit, Scotty Mac is pissed! He says the Post's article is msileading and that Bush was only commenting on what he'd been told by the CIA and DIA (note that he's gotten loads of bad intel from these goons and hasn't fired a soul--he gave Tenet a medal!!!)

"The lead suggested that what the president was saying was based on something that had been debunked, and that is not true," McClellan said. "In fact, the president was saying something that was based on what the intelligence community — through the CIA and DIA — were saying."

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