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When Beauty is a Beast

All Things Beautiful proves again why isolationists continually are painted as xenophobic nutters with this bizarre diatribe about the immigration debate:

Well let me tell you what I would say to the illegals in this country, if it were up to me: I would get them by the scruff of their neck and tell them to sling their hook, before they get a chance to tell me again that Spanish will become my first language. It was a mistake to have allowed them to stand in the streets countrywide protesting and in turn sticking their finger up at us, and our naive idea of democracy, in dire need of a hard reboot. This is how they treat their own, so it should not come as a great shock to anyone, other than Ted Kennedy who is petrified to lose fertile ground for desperate votes.

Yeow. Not only is this bit of wackery disturbingly angry and obtuse, it's shockingly anti-free speech from a blogger who claims to be "conservative." I guess maybe only English speech is protected in Alexandra's world. The bitter irony? She claims to be a Yugoslav immigrant (by way of Argentina) herself and the descendent of intellectual elitists persecuted by "General Tito's henchmen."

Regardless of HOW people came to this country, you'd think someone with this background would have more compassion for their circumstances and refrain from cultural and race baiting in engaging the debate.

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SOrry dud, compassion doesn;t enter into this ni that way.

Compassion = realistic immigration waiting criteria

That is irrelevant w/rgd to criminals already here.

English is mandatory for success. If not, it's over in a rush of multicultural civil wars of ethnic educational, equal access, battles of neverebnding dimension.

Speak english or fail. And compassion has as much to do with that as physics.

All 4 of my grandaprents arrived here at ellis island.
All COMPELLED THEMSELVES to learn english as adults.

Nothing xenophobic there

Regardless of HOW people came to this country

Sorry Derek, but this is where you lose me. Are you suggesting that the US should not enforce it's immigration laws in favor of "compassionate policies"? Then you are in favor of utter collapse of the system.

To throw the immigration card at me, as a comparison to illegal aliens, is extremely ignorant. Are you saying I am advocating that the US should deport it's population of legal immigrants, which would be the majority of the population?

Again you are losing me here.

I wish I had an opinion on this issue. But like health care, I can't seem to wrap my mind around it.

I know it's hard to argue against enforcing immigration laws. I also know it is a bizarre situation to have people who aren't even citizens of your country disrespecting your country IN your country under its auspices, or to have some piece of shit who yearns for "La Raza" p.c-screeding you about how demeaning it is to be called "illegal."

But I also wonder just where business would be without illegals, and why the hardline anti-illegal immigration people think it's going to be like flipping a switch. Pandora's box isn't about to get swept up and put back away.

My point in the selection you highlighted is to say that no matter the circumstances (or legal status) of immigrants in this country, I would expect someone who is a first or second generation American to at least sympathize with their situation and be able to discuss it without resorting to the same old hot button terms and issues.

But more importantly, Iíd like to address your post and how that fits into a conservative idealogy. You write that ďIt was a mistake to have allowed them to stand in the streets countrywide protesting and in turn sticking their finger up at usÖĒ Of course, as a conservative Iím sure youíll agree that our First Amendment right is essential to having a free society. And Iím also sure you realize that it wasnít just undocumented or illegal residents participating in the marches. So I guess I donít understand your issue with citizens peaceably assembling and voicing their dissent when politicians are preparing legislation that would automatically declare many in their community felons and subject them to immediate deportation. Given your family history, Iím surprised you arenít right out there with them.

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