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Bush to Amigos: Largate!

Translate this!Now that he's firmly entrenched for the last 1,000 days of his administration and not in need of any more Latino votes, the White House is giving a hearty "Chingate!" to the voting bloc it used to so keenly court.

Since conservatives are all in a bunch over the Spanish "National Anthem" broo ha ha this week, and since it's been reported that Team Bush used to brag about W's singing our actual National Anthem in Spanish on the campaign trail, Scotty Mac today tried to distance the prez from any such talk.

According to CNN, "The president can speak Spanish but not that well," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. "He's not that good with his Spanish."

The mere idea is so offensive that McClellan has dismissed it as "absurd" and said that the president couldn't have sung the song in Spanish if he wanted to [ital. added].

Oh, so now that the Right-Wing blogosphere is lathered up, the President is not so comprende after all? Si! I get it.

Makes you wonder how this will reflect on Jeb, who is not only fluent in Spanish (and like his big brother, uses that fact as a political tool—and rightly so), but he's married to a lady for whom English is a second language!?!?!



Of course Bush is "not that good with his Spanish." Come on. He can't speak worth shit in any language.

Damn liberal blogosphere. The White House tells the truth for once and you guys just keep ragging him on that.

Ha! Now that's funny.

I think I'll celebrate the Fifth of May by having a Strawberry Margaret.

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