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Caught with Cold Cash

It should come as now surprise to anyone with half a brain that some Democrats would be caught up in the "culture of corruption" that has washed over DC since the launch of the K Street Project, but this takes the cake--or ice cream, if you will.

Democratic Rep. William Jefferson is caught on tape taking a bribe from an FBI informant and then hiding the cash in his freezer. Because everyone knows the freezer is the most secure place in your home.

The plan, according to the AP was for the lawmaker to use the cash to bribe a high-ranking Nigerian official who would then secure contracts business there. Jefferson is allegedly heard on tape joking about writing coded notes to the informant, "like the FBI is listening." Little did he know...

Watch for Republicans to spin this as an example that the Dems are dirty too. Well sure, SOME of them are, but the GOP is in control and money follows power. For every William Jefferson there's a Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, Bill Frist, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff...



Well, that just it, Derek: for every one of the GOPpers there really is a Dem playing the same game.

I'm pleased these shenanigans are hurting the GOP right now and they should be exploited come election time. That's the price of power. But the dems have to know when not to push it too far. This is the party of Dan Rostenkowski, God love him, after all.

Rostenkowski was how long ago again???

And, like I said in the post, money follows power so why would you bribe the Dems? What can they do?

Regardless, corruption is nothing new and certainly holds no party affiliation. But when you have such blatant and explicit pay-off programs as the K Street Project, it's time to burn the mother down!


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