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High Gas Prices? Blame Clinton, Of Course!

Think Progress is hosting video of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist falling back on the GOP's boogeyman Bill Clinton as the cause for today's high gas prices. The Republican's pathological hatred of Bill Clinton is endlessly entertaining to me, but this just sounds pathetic. And the GOP's obsession with drilling in Alaska is equally bizarre. Frist claims that if Bill Clinton hadn't vetoed a bill opening up the Artic Refuge to drilling in 1996, we wouldn't have the high gas prices we do today. Of course, the most generous estimates say that ANWR would only supply about 1 to 2% of daily consumption, and that's at peak production. And of course, it's not just supply that's pushing up prices, it's also profit—record profits.

But Clinton's name sells in the Red States, so whenever there's a problem you can bet he's behind it.


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