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"How Low Can You Go?"

President Bush has long said that he doesn't pay attention to polls, which, in some ways, is laudable, inasmuch as governance should be something slightly more sophisticated than the voting for "Dancing with the Stars." Yet it seems like Bush is at a point somewhat analogous to those has-beens and would-bes of the aforementioned show in that according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, his approval rating is at 34%, which puts him, overall, two percentage points below his previous low.

Some of you may recognize the title of this as a line that is used vis-à-vis doing the limbo, that Caribbean exercise-cum-dance wherein the participant must arch his or her back and awkwardly duck walk beneath the limbo bar (or pole, to use a homonym to the subject at hand), which is progressively lowered. It might seem that this is the sort of thing that is happening to the president, except for the fact that it seems that with all of the troubles that have beset the administration, the bar is being lifted, not lowered, as the public at large seems so forgiving that there could be an entire NBA team standing on one anothers' shoulders and they'd make it under the bar.

Bush doesn't really have to worry so much about the polls, of course, as he isn't going to be running for anything. One suspects, of course, that if he was in an elected office at a lower level—say an elected official in a small town in Texas that isn't Crawford—he'd be running for the hills as his constituents would be rather pissed at the way things are going despite his comments to the contrary.

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