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Lloyd Bentsen – Dead at 85

The man who told Dan Quayle, "I knew Jack Kennedy, and you're no Jack Kennedy," has died at the age of 85. Former US Senator and Treasury Secretary, Bentsen was the Democratic candidate for Vice President in 1988 when famously bitch slapped Quayle in the October 1988 vice presidential debates.

Bentsen served six years in the U.S. House, 22 in the Senate and two as President Clinton's first treasury secretary. He sought the party's nomination for President in 1976, but quickly withdrew from the race when he failed to gain early support.

Despite his manhandling of Quayle in the debates, Bentsen and Presidential candidate Mike Dukakis lost 40 states in the general election.



Did Quayle look more vacant before or after that crack (assuming that there is emptiness beyond the infinite)? And did he know who Kennedy was?

Hey, there's actually a wikipedia article on that line

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