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Secret Service to Hand Over Abramoff Visitor Files

After months of stonewalling, the Secret Service has agreed to turn over visitor files that will show how many times mega lobbyist Action Jack Abramoff visited the White House and with whom he met. Back in January, Scotty Mac said Abramoff had visited the White House a few times for some Hanukah celebrations and maybe a few "staff level" meetings, but that's it. When pressed for more information or for corroboration of his story, he said he'd check into it and give them a report—then he changed his mind and declared he'd said all he would on the matter.

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Secret Service, who keeps records on who visitors to the White House. The Service initially balked at the request and Judicial Watch filed suit. Yesterday it was announced that U.S. District Judge John Garrett Penn last Tuesday approved an agreement between the Secret Service and Judicial Watch. The Service will hand over the files to Judicial Watch by May 10. And the best part? The will NOT be redacted.

This should get interesting...

UPDATE: Scotty Mac confirms records will be turned over, sort of...

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