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Snowman Accidentally Turns up Heat in Iraq

Pass that joint, yo.IN an attempt to defend the Vice President's famous "Last Throes" statement made one year ago, Tony "The Snowman" Snow just made did the impossible: he made the violence in Iraq seem worse.

Asked about Cheney's remark that the insurgency was in its last throes, the Snowman responded:

"Well, there was a time when -- and I don't want to try to back-interpret what the Vice President said, but let me just offer at least one view on it, which is, for a long time, when we talked about insurgency -- that is, 'we,' generally, Americans -- we thought of al Qaeda. And I think it's pretty safe to say that the al Qaeda and the foreign fighters remnant presence in Iraq has been dramatically reduced, such that, at least, in the opinions of people there, it is no longer the major factor when it comes to what's going on. Now you do have former members of the Saddam regime and you do have Iraqi citizens who are in entrenched opposition and are using terror and other tactics to try to derail democracy."

So, instead of fighting the foreign "al Qaeda" elements that were supposedly preying on innocent, freedom-loving Iraqis, we're fighting the Iraqis themselves. Not really news to anyone who's paying attention, but it's certainly a bit jarring to hear the Bush administration back off the "Happy Iraqi" premise we were sold before the war.



Honestly, in another world, isn't this a hilarious "explanation?"

I'm becoming convinced our next president will be a democrat. Why? Because then republicans will finally be able to truthfully gripe about what a mess Iraq is. Imagine the catharsis! The relief! Wouldn't you be tired after holding those pom-poms above your head for the last 7 years?

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