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The Blue Tide

The Good Old Days
Remember those Red State/Blue State maps that showed a mass of red throughout the middle of the country like some awful gut wound? From the looks of things, the whole of the United States between New York and California was bright crimson Bush country and the coastal elites would just have to live with it.

Well, given Bush's increasingly bad poll numbers, someone was bound turn the tables. MyDD (Direct Democracy) has created a new map illustrating the public's discontent with Bush and the contrast from the map pictured above is jarring. What was once a sea of red has been reduced to a tiny island of three states.


But, as one commenter on the page points out, displeasure with Bush doesn't necessarily translate to blue. In fact, I would say a good number of those who have abandoned Bush are actually think HE was never red to begin with. More of a pink with a off-white border of faux virtue. Conservatives are increasingly feeling betrayed and they're not likely to turn to the Democrats in 2006, but they may not turn to anyone at all and that disengagement can bode well for the Dems.

Just the same, it's comforting to see this large a swath of people coming to their senses—even if it is six years too late.


I may have said this before on this site, but I bet the biggest reason Bush is polling so low has to do with high gas prices FAR more than any of his policies in the past six years. That is what "red state" Bush voting people are most upset with. If gas was back to a buck a gallon and we still had this mess in Iraq and growing national debt, the president would be riding the 60%+ rating he had a year ago.

Not that this 29% doesn't make me 100% giddy.

Bush's numbers have been in a steady decline since 9/11. There have been slight bounces here and there (and I do mean slight), but the trajectory of his polling is down. Gas prices have risen and fallen over the past six years and his numbers continue to fall.

And I think it's ALL about policy. The recent freefall is the erosion of his base who are pissed that Iraq is a mess, stuppified by the Dubai Ports deal and Harreit Miers, and enraged at out of control spending and the expansion of federal programs not seen since LBJ.

Believe it, Billy. This presidency is doomed.

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