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Troops Redeploying to Mosul

In what is increasingly looking like a fight for ground we then quickly give up, the Pentagon is redeploying 1500 troops from Kuwait back into Mosul to "beef up" security efforts. Some of you might recall that President Bush said of Mosul in December 2005, "we killed, captured, and cleared out many of the terrorists and Saddamists -- and we helped the Iraqi police and legitimate political leaders regain control of the city. As the Iraqis have grown in strength and ability, they have taken more responsibility for Mosul's security -- and coalition forces have moved into a supporting role."

I guess they need more support than we anticipated.



What the hell do you people want? Mission accomplished. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to the ranch. The next democratic president can continue, or finish, the shit I started, whatever. Rest assured my lockstepping minions will then blame how crappy things are going on that poor sap...

Dang, still two more years, Dick? How's that immigration thing working for us? Can't we just deploy some more troops? You can't talk bad against those troops!

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