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ANYbody But You

No love for Hil...
In an odd CNN poll that asks Americans how they'd vote (or not vote) in 2008, Hillary Clinton gets the predictable cold shoulder from nearly half of respondents. According to CNN.com, "Respondents were asked whether they would 'definitely vote for,' 'consider voting for,' or 'definitely not vote for' three Democrats and three Republicans who might run for president in 2008."

It's the choice of candidates, and the lack of solid support for any, that's odd since none of them have announced their intention to run.


For the GOP:
John McCain. The perennial presidential candidate? Is that what he'll do now is just run and run and run? His Republican "maverick" cache with independents has been seriously damaged by entreaties to the religious right and public displays of affection for George W. Bush, who (through surrogates) besmirched his reputation as a veteran and shamefully attacked his family in the 1999 primaries.

Rudy Guiliani. The 9/11 hero mayor of New York is a big money name and fundraiser for the party but most forget that he was a severely divisive figure as mayor before the attacks. His ability to appeal to southern voters is unknown and his moderate stance on GOP hot button issues like abortion may very well sink him before he even gets out of port.

Jeb Bush. The Prez's little brother is unfortunately saddled with the same last name as two seriously unpopular recent Presidents. They may have aspirations for a political dynasty but the Bush name is not really the brand you want to run with when 60% of the buying public has decided your product is crap.

For the Dems:
Hillary Clinton, who has not announced her intention to run, but has built up a war chest that all but clinches her standing as the "front runner," which is funny (in a not so funny way) given her standing in this poll.

John Kerry. The also-ran candidate of 2004 who has also not said he was running, but his acknowledgement of having made a mistake in his support of the Iraq War resolution has a lot of people saying he's going for it again.

Al Gore. Another also-ran who was clearly crushed when the Supreme Court handed his 2000 presidential victory to George W. Bush has gone so far as to unequivocally state that he is NOT running for President in 2008.

Who is NOT mentioned in this poll? Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, Mark Warner, Bill Frist, Bill Richardson, Bill Owens, Mitt Romney, Condi Rice...

More detailed info.


Please please please Hillary and Kerry: stay away! We'll give you a cabinet post!

I can't imagine conservatives allowing McCain or Giuliani to make it that far.

Obama vs. Gingrich: what? a man can dream, can't he?

Am I nuts to think Gingrich would be a seriously dangerous and competent candidate? 2nd smartest guy in politics. #1: Bill Clinton

Newt is definitely brilliant. The Republican Revolution was maybe the greatest political victory to that point. The greatest being Rove's unbelieveable (and highly unethical) campaigns for Bush--and I mean all of them dating back to Texas.

I don't know, I think Rove is overrated. A "support the troops" here, a yank of the homo string there, and the Jeebus puppets dance. Isn't that how he works?

Read this, tell me this guy is not running--and watch me cry like a baby:


Oh, I don't know how creative his tactics are, but the fact that he so clearly and easily reads the hot button issues puts him in a world league class. Maybe I'm a dope, but I couldn't imagine that gay marriage had the pull it did in 2004. I was gobsmacked, seriously. I still can't believe it.

The center of Rove's genius is his ability to go to any depth to win. That takes a special sort of flexible morality and a flair for the grotesque most of uis don't possess. It is a special thing and Lee Atwater is green with envy for Karl Rove.

Well, when you put it that way....

Newtrous-Newtrous Ginghy is still my vote (after Clinto) and the way he's been bashing the current GOP makes me think he's going to throw the hat into the ring.

Now read that Obama speech and tell me to calm down!

God Bless Obama

And I've been spouting Newt's message about the GOP for years. In his day, they were a fine opposition party. It's GOOD to have a strong opposition. They just can't govern worth a lick. I say we put them back in the minority and let them hollar about "big government" and "reckless spending" instead of promoting those things.

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