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Dems Promise to Be Bad Cop

Democrats have now gone on record saying they'll indeed exercise more oversight if they win control of Congress this fall. Depending on who you are, you can read that two ways: Checks and Balances will finally be restored to our system of government; or Democrats will tie up the President with never-ending investigations and congressional hearings. Either way works for me.

Democrats pounded away at a recent GAO report that showed most federal agencies have no decent form of accounting and most can't even report on how they've spent government funds. It's another way of saying they have no idea how much money they've spent and don't remember what they spent it on. Sounds like a night out with the Hilton sisters.

California Rep. Dennis Cardoza wants to force agencies who can't produce a legitimate accounting of their spending to appear before congress.

Democrats want to take to task private companies who also can't account for public funds. Spokesmen of Kellogg Brown and Root could not be reached as they were busy stuffing ballot boxes in anticipation of this fall's elections.

It wasn't all talk of feet to fire though. In a Contract with America move, Nancy Pelosi announced other aspects of the Democrats' agenda, including raising the minimum wage, making college tuition deductible from taxes, and negotiating lower drug prices for Medicare's prescription-drug program.

Because the GOP is the party of tired clichés, New York Republican Rep. Tom Reynolds dismissed the agenda as nothing more than typical tax and spend liberalism. He couldn't account for the fact that making college tuition tax deductible is actually cutting taxes or that his own party has spent money like a dope crazed LBJ for six years—and counting.

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