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Friday Video - Olbermann Smacks Down O'Reilly

For a while now, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann has been in a mostly hilarious and harmless feud with Fox's chief blowhard Bill O'Reilly. It's usually Keith showing a clip in which O'Reilly mistates or misrepresents "facts" to support his asinine arguments. This week, though, things got considerably more serious.

In an argument with retired US General (and Presidential candidate) Wes Clark, O'Reilly cited war crimes committed by US soldiers in WWII as proof that actions like those taken by Marines in Haditha last November have been going on since war began. Problem is, he has the story completely backwards and then refuses to apologize or retract his statements. You have to see Olbemann's righteous bitch slap to fully appreciate it all.



Damn, it's always nice to see O'Really get his. KO rocks. In a way, though, too bad it's Olbermann, not Gen. Clark, giving it too him, eh?

Anyone remember when Bill O'Reilly lectured John McCain on torture?

The best part about Olbermann's attacks on O'Reilly is that you know how badly they piss Bill off to no end.

I couldn't track down a full clip of O'Reilly making an ass of himself, did Wes Clark correct him or dispute what O'Reilly was saying when he said it?

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