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Friday Video - Olbermann Smacks Coulter

Not to become a complete shill for the Countdown with Keith Olbermann, but when he has excellent commentaries two weeks in a row putting the screws to a couple of our favorite douchebags, what can we do?

This time, Olbermann puts consumate shithead Ann Coulter to shame by calling her out on her heartless, self-promoting attack on certain 9-11 widows who dared to support a candidate (in this free Republic) other than George W. Bush. If anyone can clearly explain her asinine theory of "liberal infallibility " I am all ears.

Andrew Sullivan jumps in with this stinging indictment of Coulter, "No core convictions; no arguments; ad-copy prose; pure partisan circus. And she now claims the mantle of Christianity. You can indeed imagine Jesus speaking of widows the way Coulter does, can't you? May she one day forgive herself. No one else will."

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