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If That Was A Good Week. . . .

Apparently, President Bush has recently had what is considered by some people to be "the best week" of his second term. Wow! That's really saying something. What's more, according to a recent Zogby International poll, the president's approval numbers "have jumped significantly" as a result of all of this "good news." This seemingly significant jump? All the way to a 36% job approval rating. Imagine! Only 64% of the public think he's doing a lousy job.


The Zogby poll lists a number of the characteristics of this "best week," including:

The death of al-Zarqawi. So much was made of the death of this single individual is begs the question: If it was all about just killing a few people, why the hell did we have to send in the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines? Seemingly, people of Tony Soprano's ilk could have gotten the job done more efficiently.

The surprise visit to Iraq. Why this is perceived as a good thing by the public is hard to understand. The president went to the country and was surrounded more closely by protection than the Bubble Boy. If the Iraqi people were as happy with their liberation as we'd been led to believe by the vice president before the war, wouldn't we expect that he could have been carried on the shoulders of the cheering throngs?

The lack of an indictment of Karl Rove. That's an interesting one. His buddy and confidant isn't going to face the possibility of time in the slam. Is this what politics has sunk to: The belief that because someone is dodging an indictment it is a positive development?

A couple of interesting stats from the Zobgy poll: It found that 59% of "Weekly Wal-Mart Shoppers" feel negative about the president's job, the same number of those in the "Investor Class." That either says something about Wal-Mart or how well the investor class isn't doing.


Additionally, Pew finds most Americans unswayed by that farce of a "debate" last week.
"Despite prevailing in Friday's vote affirming current policy in Iraq, Republicans did not gain public support for their handling of the issue. By 34%-28%, more Americans say they think the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party, can do a better job making wise decisions about what to do in Iraq. The balance of opinion is largely unchanged since February (41% Democratic Party/38% Republican party)."


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