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Limbaugh Busted Again

Limp as cooked spaghetti.Rush Limbaugh has been busted for illegal possession of drugs again. This time, the 55 year old Oxycotin addict was nabbed with boner pills prescribed to someone else. Limbaugh was detained at a Florida airport where officials found a bottle of Viagra, a prescription erectile dysfunction medication, that was prescribed to another name.

Looks like we have a recidivist on our hands.

This, of course, is not Limbaugh's first brush with the law and drugs. He reached a deal with prosecutors last month after being charged with doctor shopping, a felony in Florida. The case originally blew open when a former housekeeper tattled to a tabloid that she'd been securing Oxy for Limbaugh. He checked himself into rehab and will have charges expunged if he stays out of trouble. No word yet on if this latest incident, which could be a second degree misdemeanor, may affect his agreement on the previous matter.



So, do you think he'll do any HARD TIME? - HA!

Limbaugh, what an old softie!

Thrwo the book at him! Help stop erection fraud!

(Sorry, had to get in one last pun.)

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