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Peeping Tom - Daschle Weighs His Options In NH

Another lucky contestant!
Because Democrats can't crowd the field enough this year, we have yet another possible candidate for the 2008 Presidential nomination. He's a guy you know and love from the heady days of 2004, let's give a warm welcome to Tom Daschle.

That's right, the former US Senator from South Dakota is testing the waters in New Hampshire and he's come out guns blazing on old W. and his gang of zanies describing them as, "the most arrogant crowd I ever worked with."

Daschle lost his seat to Republican John Thune in a nasty race (aren't they all these days?) that saw Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist break from tradition and campaign against a sitting member of the Senate. Until then, it was tradition and a bit of an unwritten rule that sitting Senators would not leave their districts to campaign against their colleagues. In a bit of irony, Daschle had helped to defeat Thune's re-election bid for the House. Had Thune been re-elected to that chamber, Daschle likely would not have even had a viable challenge to his Senate seat. Ooops!

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