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Rock the Casbah - Israel Set to Strike in Gaza

Shit is heating up fast in Gaza right now. Israeli troops and tanks are massed along the Gaza border in anticipation of air and land strikes inside the Strip if a kidnapped Israeli guard is not immediately returned.

The guard, 19 year old Cpl. Gilad Shalit, was captured Sunday by Palestinian militants from his post inside Israel. Israel says it is holding the Palestinian Authority responsible for the safety of Shalit and that a strike is coming.

"We will not hold back on our efforts, and to our great sorrow, part of this price will be paid by the residents of the Gaza Strip," Israeli Cabinet minister, Haim Ramon said. "This strike will come, and it will be very painful. In order to stop this, I call on authorities in the Palestinian Authority to do all they can to bring Gilad home."

Tanks rolling into Gaza. "Troops backed by artillery took up positions around Rafah, near the border crossing with Egypt, shortly before 3 a.m. (8 p.m. ET). "

"We are using all forces that we can by land and by air in order to get him home," Israeli army spokeswoman Noa Meir said of the kidnapped soldier, 19-year-old Gilad Shilat.

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