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Round and Round

This time we mean it!Our friends at Blogs for Bush seem ready to hoist that old Mission Accomplished banner again. While the last week or so has certainly brought some good news for Team Bush, I don't know that anyone who pays attention is ready to pop the Champagne (NA, thank you!) just yet.

Blogger Mark Noonan cites a captured cache of letters as proof that the insurgency is dying (maybe it was wise to avoid saying it was in its "last throes").

"...one gets the distinct impression that the armed opposition is getting on its last legs," he writes. "The so-called 'insurgency' was defeated at the last Iraqi election - since then, it has only been a matter of time - and growing Iraqi military power - before the back of the terrorist network would be broken."

And yet, the fighting continues. Just today, two soldiers are reported missing after an attack on their check point and Iraqis die by the dozens daily in bombings and other sectarian violence.

But do not despair. The end is within reach, says Noonan.

"I figured the death of Zarqawi would be the political turning point in the liberation of Iraq," he says.

Of course we've heard the "turning the corner" analogy many, many times before. Do you think these guys get that if you turn more than three corners, you're going in circles?



We have indeed turned a corner in Iraq. Again. Unfortunately, we now find ourselves in a cul-de-sac.

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