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Turd Blossom Comes Out Smelling Like a Rose

No prison love for this guy--yet.So, a day later and the only confirmation that Karl Rove has been told he's not a target of Fitzgerald's investigation is word from his lawyer of a letter he received from the prosecutor—A letter he won't produce for the media as proof. Anyone else find that odd?

Adding to the confusion is Truthout's refusal to retract a story they've been running about how Rove was in fact indicted weeks ago and told to get his things in order before a formal announcement.

But I don't want to take part in Internet conspiracy theories that don't include me and Scarlett Johansen and our oddly named lovechild, Studebaker.

What's more strange to me is how a good ole, God fearing, America lovin', veteran honoring guy like George W. Bush could say he "trusts Karl Rove" knowing what we know about Turd Blossom. Afterall, Rove has made a career of trashing war vets like John McCain, John Kerry, and Max Cleland. He's endangered America's security by outing a covert agent to the press. And he's suckered evangelicals into voting for his boy on the promise of outlawing homo marriage, knowing full well the Boss couldn't give a shit about the issue.

And this guy has a White House security clearance?

Bush's Cult of Personality is clearly falling apart and it appears his politics is clouded by his chief political advisor who, if he had the President's interests at heart, would resign and let Bush at least have the appearance of keeping a campaign promise to not just follow what the laws says, but what is right.

The old saying goes that an idiot doesn't know his head from his ass, but with Rove as Bush's Brain, they're clearly one in the same.

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