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Are Conservatives Finally Waking Up?

Andrew Sullivan has posted an interesting and I think a very telling email from one of his readers:

The Republican party will never respond to the concerns of fiscal and small government conservatives because they don't have to. No matter what they do or how they betray their values, Republicans have the votes of the majority of this group.

The only thing worse than a tax and spend liberal is a borrow and spend Republican. At least the democrat is being upfront and honest in his intentions.

Nevermind that it's been Democratic Presidents who have turned in balanced budgets, but this is why I believe the Republicans are a better opposition party than a governing party. While I disagree with nearly every principle of the GOP platform, I think they have valid arguments. I also think it's important to have checks on power and one-party rule basically sweeps that all out the door. Imagine a Republican congress allowing a Democratic president to ignore its laws, circumvent it authority and that of the other branch of government, throw out the Geneva Conventions and military code of conduct, submit spending plans with misleading projections and record deficits...

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