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Armageddon Days Are Here Again

Is this it? Is this the beginning of the end? If I see motherfuckers floating out to the heavens, I am hopping the first plane to Scarlett Johansson's house.

Violence between Israel and Lebanon jumped dramatically today with continued airstrikes and a blockade of air and sea traffic. According to the AP:

Israel intensified its attacks against Lebanon on Thursday, imposing a naval blockade, twice hitting Beirut's airport and blasting two Lebanese army air bases near Syria. Hezbollah fired more than 100 rockets into Israel, which said one also struck the port city of Haifa.

The latest round was sparked when Hezbollah guerrillas raided an Israeli outpost and captured two soldiers. Israel responded with rocket attacks and a promise to bring "severe" retribution if the soldiers aren't returned safely.

President Bush defended Israel's actions and in another AP report was quoted, "Israel has a right to defend herself," Bush said at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "Every nation must defend herself against terrorist attacks and the killing of innocent life."

Bush did express concern that too harsh a response could destabilize Lebanon and undermine its fragile government, leaving it open for Hezbollah to take over entirely.

Breaking a two-year drought on vetoes, the US blocked a UN security resolution that would have compelled Israel to halt its military actions in Gaza. The draft, sponsored by Qatar, accused Israel of a "disproportionate use of force" that endangered Palestinian civilians, and it demanded Israel withdraw its troops from Gaza.



I wonder if Iran has anything to do with this? I'm thinking they're yanking some Hizbollah puppet strings...

You and Condi Rice both think that...

"Armageddon Days are Here Again" - Isn't that a Def Leppard song? Oh, that was "Armageddon It." Never mind.

I also wanna know if I get doulbe miles for booking a flight into Beirut now.

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