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Democratic Campaign Video Draws Fire

A new video out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that includes images of flag draped coffins and a soldier kneeling over a comrade's grave has drawn fire from several Republicans and at least two southern Democrats.


House Majority Leader John Boehner said the video is outrageous. "It's disgraceful that they would use these images... To use these images to rally Democrats and to raise money I think is appalling," he said.

The video, entitled "A New Direction" is dramatic and starts off as one of the better political videos I've seen. The beginning is tough and illustrates many failures since the GOP has been in control. Had this been a short piece that simply ended with the words "Had Enough" I'd say it was a brilliant piece of political propaganda. The inclusion of those disturbing images are not only legitimate from a public policy debate stand point but from a public relations angle as well. As it stands though, the video falters when we hit what is known in the sitcom world as "the moment of shit." All sitcoms have that moment at about the 20 minute mark where the resolution emerges and we start on our way to a happy ending--freeze frame on the gang having a good laugh. Added injury is the inclusion of individual Democratic leaders like Rahm Emanuel and nacy Pelosi. Seems to me this video should have focused on issues and helped to nationalize the midterm elections. Outside of political junkies, who the fuck cares who Rahm Emanuel is?

The Republicans have done everything possible to shield the public form the consequences of their policies. Images of coffins returning from Afghanistan and Iraq have been banned and reporters have been threatened and exiled from GITMO. It's high time the American people see exactly what their paying for.

For Republicans to claim sensitivity or dry foul for using these images for political gain is laughable. We've been clubbed over the head with images from 9/11 for five years, including an RNC approved fundraising image of the President in flight on that horrible day.

But Boehner said that the Bush ad and this latest DCCC video are not comparable. "The differences, in terms of the images, are as clear as night and day," he said.

Is it? What's good for the goose, mutha fucka...

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