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Hackett Does About-Face

Like the good soldier he is, the one-time hope of the Democratic Party Paul Hackett has done an about-face on his former party rival and thrown support behind Sherrod Brown. You might remember Hackett as the Iraqi War veteran who came from nowhere and stunned polticos with a surprise run at the House in a special election against Republican disgrace Jean Schmidt only to be bumped by DNC party heads in a run for the Senate in 2008. Hackett made a very loud and public withdrawal from the race and swore off politics after being wooed then cock blocked by the party leaders.

And he minced no words in regards to his Democratic primary opponent Sherrod Brown, who had the backing of the DNC. As late as last month, Hackett accused Brown of "puking out the same old garbage." It seems Paul had a revelation while doing some yard work last week and decided to bury the hatchet with his old foe.

"I was cutting my grass and said to myself ... it's totally unproductive for me to be largely responsible for this antagonistic relationship between me and Sherrod," Hackett told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

Who wants to bet Paul Hackett has much love from the DNC in his next political venture?

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