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Ralph Reed Loses

ralph reed.jpg
The freakishly youthful ex-leader of the Christian Coalition took a beating last night in his primary race for Lt. Governor of Georgia. Ralph Reed had a an early lead and an enviable fundraising apparatus, not to mention the network he'd created after a decade as the Christian Right's poster boy, when he took on unknown State Senator Casey Cagle. One name took Boy Wonder down: Action Jack Abramoff.

Reed's phony Christian moralism took a hit when he was shown to have accepted about $4 million dollars to lobby for legislation that helped Abramoff's Indian casino clients. Cagle pounded away at the hypocrisy of it all and out-choir boyed Reed all the way to the polls.

This marks the first Abramoff-related defeat at the polls.



yay! The little prick lost!

Just another example of the utter hyprocrasy of the hate-filled so called "christian conservatives".
Another one bites the dust.

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