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Friday Video: The Girl Least Likely To, Continued

Three's a charm?Man, Katherine Harris' campaign is reading like a manual in how to completely alienate yourself and make powerful enemies in national politics. The lady who brought us George W. Bush as president and inspired countless parodies on Saturday Night Live just can't say "enough" and in the meantime has lost her third campaign manager.


Citing the candidate's "tantrums" and "increasingly erratic behavior," Glenn Hodas has left Harris for Senate after less than three months on the job. Hodas' predecessor lasted only a few months as well.

Since Florida is our perennial swing state, races down there COUNT, which is why the GOP has all but arrested Harris in order to stop her doomed campaign. She trails Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson by more than 30 points. At this point, the Republicans might as well let her finish it out and hope the beating is so bad she flinches at the site of a ballot. Some people just don't learn.

Hodas says four other key campaign staffers are also leaving. In a statement issued today, Harris wishes them all the best in their future endeavors. I'm sure the feeling's mutual.

But all is not lost, she has at least two things going for her as noted in this Daily Show piece.


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