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Anita Thompson Interviews Gary Hart

In her Owl Farm Blog, Hunter S. Thompson's widow Anita talks to Gary Hart about the Middle East:

GH: But we are losing enormous credibility. Bush just didn't want to be involved. So it's a race. It's a race against time. Time is a critical factor. When terrorist organizations or their sponsors get a hold of weapons of mass destruction, the whole situation then changes. Because most weapons will get into the hands not of reasonable people but people who hate Israel so much that they are willing to drop the bomb right in the middle of Tel Aviv and kill about a million Israelis.

Scary stuff!



I respect Gary Hart because he was part of late 80s early 90s national security think tanks that were saying Islamicism would be the next great threat. But this interview was disappointing for its lack of specifics and almost funny for its belief that a change in our administration will bring peace in the Middle East. "We should be talking more." Did we need Gary Hart to tell us we should be pushing diplomacy?

I mean, is the debate really still "What do they want/what do you want?" Isn't it now, to paraphrase that mighty statesman, The Rock: "It doesn't matter what Hamas and Hizbollah want!"

Isn't it shocking that it needs to be said at all? The way the Bush administration has "handled" diplomacy is shameful.

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