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"Cut and Run" Mehlman

In a shocking turn of events, the RNC Chairman switches sides and joins Democrats in demanding the administration abandon their "Stay the Course" mentality in Iraq and make some changes. Well, not quite. But Mehlman is desperately trying to distance the Republican party from its failed policy, further proving that Democrats and other Progressives have been right all along. In a Meet the Press appearance this weekend, Mehlman tried to claim that conservatives were "not coming in and saying 'Stay the Course' in Iraq." Instead, he said, "we're saying adjust and win," which sounds awfully similar to what the Democrats have been saying for months and also flies in the face of the countless declarations from Bush and neo-Conservatives that we do indeed Stay the Course..

Watch the exchange on Think Progress.



The GOP even takes the fun out of saying "We told you so."

The Republican Party is at war with the Bush Administration. The Republican Party has always been at war with the Bush Administration...

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