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Democrats Offend Immigration Groups With New Ad

Taking a page from the Karl Rove playbook by trying to hit the Republicans where their perceived strength lies, The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a scathing ad illustrating how the Administration's failures in homeland security and foreign policy have left America less safe. While the numbers are narrowing, Republicans have long led Democrats in public polling when it comes to matters of security so it makes perfect sense to blast their dismal record.

The ad features scenes of a masked man with a bazooka, scenes from terrorist attacks and police inspecting a subway train. It also shows Osama bin Laden, Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a docked ship as it claims "4 times as many terrorist attacks in 2005.

And then it shows images of people hopping a fence on what is presumably the southern border. That isn't sitting well with immigration rights groups; groups who have been slowly but surely leaning Republican, especially on social issues like gay marriage. The best weapon Democrats had with this group was immigration issues and the fact that the President not withstanding, the Republicans tend to support tightened security at the border and harsh penalties for those who enter and work in this country illegally.

Nothing like equating people who come here to work with those who come here to kill Americans to blow that leverage, eh?

The DSCC has removed the video from YouTube and it's unlikely to air again on television. And to think they almost had it right...

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