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Fighting the Battle of Ideas When You're Unarmed

Next up: the War on WarThe president's latest pivot on the "war on terror" illustrates the lack of understanding he has for what is going on. The idea of a war on terror has already been ridiculed to death by people funnier and smarter than me, but it boils down to declaring a war on a tactic instead of an enemy. It's like declaring a war on flanking. What does that mean?

So, Bush has gone back to a retooled "fight them there instead of here" routine that is almost as loopy. This new messaging supposes that "terrorists" (like they're an organized group of dastardly evil doers) can only fight on one front. That completely misses the point of terrorism, which is to terrorize the population, not battle the military. Ask the Europeans how this tactic's working and they'll point to train bombs in London and Barcelona as evidence that terrorists certainly can fight on multiple fronts; I would argue that they can do it better than a traditional force.

And so we're back to sloganism from president Bush. I guess I can't blame him though, it seems to be his best tactic.

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