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Iraq Forced to IMPORT Oil

March 2003:
"We're dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction..."

That was Paul Wolfowitz on how the cost to American taxpayers to fund the Iraq invasion would be defrayed. Iraq is an oil-rich nation and once we get in there and turn on the spikots, the streets will run with black gold, Texas tea.

August 2006:
"Iraq has doubled the money allocated for importing oil products in August and September to tackle the country's worst fuel shortage since Saddam Hussein's 2003 ouster..."

An Associated Press article details the challenges regular Iraqis face in just getting gasoline and cooking oil. Has Iraq run out of oil? Hardly. It still boasts the world's third largest known reserve. So what gives? Sabotage of pipelines by insurgents, corruption and aging refineries have been blamed.

Another neo-con pre-war promise bites the dust.

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