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Rep. Jean Schmidt is a Liar

Not only is Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt a shameful opportunist who attacks decorated war veterans on the floor of the House of Representatives, she's also a God damned liar.

Her apparent fib has her claiming some impressive numbers on the marathon circuit. The 54 year old Congresswoman claims to have completed 59 marathons, which may very well be true. But there are questions around her stated finish in the Columbus Marathon in 1993. Her website claims she finished at 3 hours, 19 minutes, 6 seconds, but official documents from the race do not show her as a top finisher—anywhere.

Her campaign has produced some sort of documentation bolstering her claim but questions remain.

Just the same, Schmidt has already been reprimanded by the Ohio Elections Commission for lying about a college degree she didn't earn. Perhaps she could run her ass right out of Congress?

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