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Rumsfeld to Most Americans: You're a Bunch of Pussies

What are you looking at, sissy?Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld lashed out at critics of his war policies by essentially calling them pussies and likened them to Nazi appeasers before WWII.

"Can we truly afford to believe that somehow, some way, vicious extremists can be appeased?" he asked. Nevermind that NOBODY is suggesting we appease terrorists. But debating strawmen and impugning the character of critics rather than addressing their arguments is business as usual for this administration.

Of course, chances are he's talking about you. A majority of Americans believe the invasion was wrong and support some sort of troop withdrawal from Iraq. But this isn't new. You've been called worse, like an enemy sympathizer.

Rumsfeld's clearly delusional and every day he stays in his post is more dangerous than the last. Democrats are seriously pushing for a No Confidence vote next week and they just might get it and we'll see where members of Congress stand on his competence. Let's hope rational-minded Republicans don't puss out.



We are pussies. Otherwise we would have already ended this thing. Blame the useless left, not Rumsfeld. I exempt myself from this argument losers.

So, Dave, I take it you're an active duty serviceman?

One of the fellow 101st Keyboard Corps serviceman? How 'bout that Battle of the Daily Kos Open Thread? You all lost so many men that day...*sniff*

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