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Secret GOP Plot to Elect Lieberman Revealed!

In case anyone was confused as to why Republicans (and the RNC) is either explicitly or implicitly supporting Joe Lieberman's Independent run in Connecticut, Right Wing News has the answer:

...as we speak, millions of dollars are pouring into Connecticut, on both sides of the race, that could have very well gone to other Democratic candidates. Turning the Connecticut Senate race into a Democratic money pit could help the GOP pull out another couple of close races in the Senate this November.

Aren't those voters clever? Imagine the meeting where they all got together—a meeting called and chaired by Karl Rove, I'm sure—where they hatched their diabolical plan to siphon money from other races. They're bravely sacrificing their own state in order to save the Republican majority!


Conservative voters in Connecticut are supporting Joe Lieberman because of those running, he best represents their views. The Republican candidate can't even get a reach-around from the RNC and Lamont surely doesn't fit the bill. That leaves old reliable Joe Lieberman. That's all fine and dandy but let's all be honest about it.

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