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The Girl Least Likely To: Florida Republicans Pull Support

Kinda like that psycho girlfrind who won't go awayAs if Howard Dean comparing her to Stalin wasn't bad enough, Katherine Harris now gets a Dear Jane letter from the State Republican Party she used to lord over. In a letter obtained Monday by The Associated Press, Harris is told in no uncertain terms that she can't win and that the party is withdrawing its support of her campaign.

Party Chairman Carole Jean Jordan tried to break it gently to the candidate and convince her dropping out was the best chance to claim incumbent Bill Nelson's seat, but Harris turned around and filed the paperwork to get her name on the ballot anyways. I guess we now know how, why, and from whom this letter leaked.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush tried to get state House Speaker Allan Bense into the race but Bense was smart enough to stay far away from that Tar Bab...I mean, sticky situation.

Maybe they could get Alan Keyes to run?

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