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Filthy Lucre!

In what appears to be another obituary for the Republican majority is a frightening and telling nugget. The Washington Post has another in a long string of articles detailing the woes of the Republicans this fall and how the Democrats certainly seemed poised to retake the House and maybe even the Senate. But buried down deep is this quote, which puts the whole thing in focus and reminds us all of the power of money.

A Republican strategist privy to much of the polling conducted in House districts said that, at this point, it is not difficult to count enough vulnerable districts to show how Democrats can take control. But he offered a cautionary point: "I don't know of a single target race," he said, where the Republican candidate "has spent more than 20 percent of what they intend to spend. The battle is just beginning. That's what people really forget."

November is far from in the bag for Democrats and you can bet there are plenty of October surprises in store.

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