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Republicans Continue to Politicize 9-11

As if President Bush's address last night wasn't enough to turn the stomachs of decent Americans across the country, House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert will introduce a resolution commemorating September 11, which is great except it's yet another attempt to rally support for the faltering GOP and their lame President.


According to ThinkProgress, "Hastert has packed the 9/11 resolution with partisan rhetoric," including language stating that "the nation is safer than it was back in Sept. 11, 2001."

That, of course, is contrary to nearly every reputable study, including a bi-partisan report surveying over 100 national security and terrorism experts and commissioned by the Center for American Progress, which said, "A vast majority [of the experts surveyed] think that the world today is more dangerous for the American people. Fewer than two in 10 believe the United States is winning the war on terror. More than eight in 10 believe we are likely to face a terrorist attack on the scale of September 11 within the next 10 years."

As ThinkProgress notes, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has twice written Hastert requesting the resolution not be politicized. She recommended using a resolution modeled after last year's version, which did not include references to specific bills.

Following the President's advice last night to set aside differences and work together, a Hastert spokesman said yesterday "the GOP leadership was not negotiating and that the measure would remain as written."

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