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Clinton Gets to the Point!

Finally, a Democrat spells it out in plain English:

If you want to be fiscally conservative, you've got to be for us. If you want to conserve natural resources, you've got to be for us," former President Bill Clinton said. "If you want a change of course in Iraq ... you've got to be for us.

Their national campaign should tell people that if they've had enough of Republican mismanagement, they should vote a Democratic straight ticket. I'm not a fan of straight ticket votes, personally, but if the Democrats want to win they need to put things in the simplest terms possible.



He gets it. I think it would be real good strategy to put the lie to the Republican "conservativism" and play up the "authoritarianism." Re-educatin' the rubes ain't gonna be easy.

More importantly, what the democratic leadership alternative is regarding Iraq is far from clear and they'll need to get that hammered out. I hope it is not a radical departure, policy-wise, but rather leadership-wise. D's could show that they'll be a more open administration, for one.

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