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Goldwater Democrats

Andrew Sullivan ponders the idea of Goldwater Democrats. We've had Reagan Democrats who fled to the GOP when things got a bit too hairy (literally, for some) in the Democratic party. Why not a similar switch for those who are being drummed out of the current Republican ranks?

I have never thought of myself as a Democrat or left-liberal in any way. And there are plenty of people among Democrats I do not agree with at all. But it's getting to the point that the illiberal, authoritarian big government Christianism of the GOP makes me completely supportive of backing the Democrats this time around.

Given the demonizing of the Democratic party over the last 10 years, I would be surpirsed to see an actual movement of former Republicans making the switch, but Conservatives clearly have no home in the current Republican tent. Might as well sleep with the enemy until it's safe to go home, eh?



i'm not too sure that there will be a big shift of conservatives moving toward the democratic party. though, i have noticed a concerted effort by folks on fox as of late to distinguish the difference between true conservatives and the current republican party. there is definitely a shift of conservatives away from the core of the republican party. what i can imagine happening is after the elections in november (and hopefully the dems taking back a little more power) the republican leadership is going to swing and focuse on more core conservative values and move away from where they've been the past six years. if they lose the midterm elections, they are going to have a few months to re-invent themselves and select someone to represent them in the presidential elections that is the antithesis of bush. it'll be interesting to say the least. though, i just can't see true conservatives moving toward the dems en masse.

So, does that mean McCain is out? Has he blown it by cozying up to Bush?

I agree that the next GOP nominee will NOT be a Bushy, so who does that leave? I really think McCain has made a political miscalculation by backing Bush (phoney opposition to torture bill not withstanding) and Falwell and the like. I think both traditional conservatives and run of the mill fiscal Republicans are freaked the fuck out by the dominance of the religious right in the party.

i agree. though, mccain had to play the politics the way he did. he's stood up and taken the flack from bush and company and now then he had to appease groups in power to remain relevant. i have respect for him as an individual, but not for all his beliefs and political decisions.

so, is it too late for him? maybe not. americans have short memories and i believe true conservatives will do whatever it takes to rally their group after the fall out of the mid-term elections.

almost makes me wonder if holding power for true conservatives or moderate republicans are all that important if they can have the far right fail a little and regroup to bring centrist ideology back to government. would they sit back and take the hit over the next two years to rally later? their would have to be a lot of hope for bi-partisanship in the future of politics for them to just layback and take it now. i just don't know.

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