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Make the Fat Cats PAY

In a personal email to ME from Bill Frist, the retiring Senate Majority Leader implores me to send money to the RNC to ensure Democrats don't take over Congress. To read his words, one would think the commies themselves were moving in!


"As Senate Majority Leader, I've worked closely with leaders of the Democrat Party," says Frist, and that sounds to me like this is a guy who knows how to reach across party lines and compromise to get things done. I am sorry to see him go! "...and I can say without a doubt they have repeatedly proven to lack the credibility and ideas needed to lead the United States Congress." Oooops, there goes that idea. I guess he figures he can say whatever he wants about the Democrats since he won't have to work with them anymore. But what about his buddies?

"Democrats hope to win on November 7th by using vicious and angry attacks against our Party and our President instead of proposing solutions to the issues that face America."

What??? The Democrats are going to ATTACK their opponents in the midterm elections and besmirch our besmirked President at the same time? Maybe the Republicans should start questioning the patriotism of their colleagues or insinuate that a young upstart from Tennessee is really just an uppity negro who lusts after our fine white women. I'll bet it's the Democrats who allowed that pervert Mark Foley to bugger 16 year old boys and doped him up to make him do it! They surely doctored evidence of WMD and probably purposely left ammo dumps in Iraq unguarded so the insurgents could have a never ending supply of IEDs with which to blow up our boys!

I'm so glad we have a party that respects and understands its constituents and appeals to us personally with messages like, "...our Party needs your financial support now more than ever, Title Last Name."

Yes, indeed. I, Title, Last Name, will help my party for the good of America! Let's make the guys who made this mess PAY for it

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